Michael Collins (Oxford University)
Brian J. Parshall (University of Virginia)
Weiqiang Wang (University of Virginia)
Sponsored by:
National Science Foundation
University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences
University of Virginia Department of Mathematics

The Rotunda, University of Virginia

     Workshop Speakers:
          Jie Du (University of New South Wales, Australia), 2 lectures
          Shrawan Kumar (UNC-Chapel Hill), 2 lectures
          Raphael Rouquier (Oxford University), 3 lectures
          Robert Guralnick (University of Southern California)
          George Lusztig (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

     Scott Day Speakers:
          Michel Broué (University of Paris 7)
          Jon Carlson (University of Georgia)
          Bob Griess (University of Michigan)
          Lenny Jones (Shippensburg University)
          Ron Solomon (Ohio State University)

     Workshop Discussion Session Leaders:
          David Hemmer (SUNY Buffalo)
          Terrell Hodge (Western Michigan University)
          Ben Webster (University of Oregon)

     List of Conference Participants

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