Visa Information

NOTICE FOR ALL OVERSEAS PARTICIPANTS:   It is the responsibility of individual participants to check their potential visa needs. There are 36 countries whose citizens are entitled to enter the US on the "visa waiver program"; if you enter this way, then you will need to submit an ESTA application online before traveling. (See  and  The old green I-94W has been abolished, but you must ensure that your passport is stamped WB on entry to the US if you will be receiving any reimbursement of, or grant towards, expenses from the conference.) Those not entitled to use the visa waiver program will need to apply for a B-1 visa, and a letter of invitation will be provided if requested on the registration form. You are reminded that the US authorities require a passport to be valid for six months beyond the date on entry even if your intended stay is shorter, and permission on a visa waiver is for 90 days.

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